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Download Adobe Premiere Rush Mod Apk For Android / iOS

What is Adobe Premiere Rush?

Adobe Premiere Rush is a powerful clip editing application that works on iOS, Android and desktop computers. The application is cross-platform, you can edit your clips on smartphones, tablets or PCs and sync to the cloud. You can access them on any device as long as they are connected to the same account. Users can edit the clip on the phone and then continue to work on the PC. This is a plus point for most products from Adobe.

Easy to share

After finishing all edits, you can save the video to internal storage or share it on social networks. The application supports popular social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Behance.
To save videos to your phone’s internal memory, follow these steps:
  • Click Share on the top toolbar and select Local.
  • In the settings, you can customize a number of options such as edit the video name, edit the file directory.
If you have some knowledge about video editing, you can interfere with the advanced settings. Usually, you don’t need to change this section unless you want a video quality that fits a particular social network. You can also change presets such as frame rate, resolution, audio channels, and video quality.
  • Resolution: It will partly determine the quality of your video, choose the resolution that matches the social network you plan to post. For example, Facebook only needs 720p resolution while youtube may need higher resolution.
  • Frame rate: You can select an option from 23,976 fps to 60 fps.
  • Audio Channels: You can choose mono or stereo.
  • Video quality: The higher the video quality, the more viewers will enjoy it. However, keep in mind that the higher the video quality, the bigger the memory footprint, the longer the upload and download will take.

System requirements

Currently, Adobe Premiere Rush is officially available on the app store and allows users to download it for free. However, the number of devices supporting the application is still quite small. If you’re trying to search for an app on the Google Play Store and can’t find it, your phone probably isn’t on the support list.
Application support for most iPhone and iPad. The Android operating system only supports recently released devices such as Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 9, OnePlus 6T and 7, Google Pixel 2 and 3.

Key Features of Adobe Premiere Rush Mod Apk


    Built-in camera functionality lets you capture pro-quality videos right from the app and start editing immediately.


    Arrange video, audio, graphics, and photos by dragging and dropping. Intuitive tools let you adjust audio, enhance color, add titles, transitions, voiceovers, and more.


    Four video and three audio tracks give you tons of creative flexibility.


    Access built-in templates (some animated) and change the color, size, font, and more to make them uniquely you. Browse hundreds more for free on Adobe Stock.


    Add music, record voiceovers, and use advanced tools powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence for sound balancing, noise reduction, and auto-ducking.


    Easily resize videos from landscape to portrait to square for different channels. Add a thumbnail, schedule your post, and publish to multiple places like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube right from the app.


    Your latest edits are always at your fingertips, no matter where you are or what device you’re using – iPhone, iPad, or desktop.


    When you want to do more, open your Rush projects in Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading software for professional video and film editing.


    Get unlimited exports, Premiere Rush on all your devices (iPhone, iPad, and desktop), plus 100GB of cloud storage for just US $9.99/mo (optional in-app purchase) or with select Creative Cloud membership plans.

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