Blue WhatsApp Download v9.91 Latest Update [2023]

Blue WhatsApp Download: This is a unique WhatsApp edit that has recently become popular with users due to its ability to customize the WhatsApp interface. WhatsApp also offers some top-mode features related to privacy, and security, themes, and more. Due to these additional options, the WhatsApp platform has become more fun and easier to use.

Default-added stock features will still be available, and additional adjustment options can be accessed from 3 pips > PlusMods. Overall, WhatsApp does not offer many useful features today, and this difference can easily be met by using Blue WhatsApp in WhatsApp mode. Therefore, in this article, we will start with the steps to start the updated WhatsApp Blue v9.91.

What is the Blue WhatsApp?

Blue WhatsApp “displays modified versions of WhatsApp based on a blue color design or mode۔ These versions provide specific features and features in addition to the general version of WhatsApp.These modified versions are also known by names such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or U WhatsApp۔ These include customization options, security-specific settings, different themes (often based on Blue Thym), and WhatsApp’s unavailable functions۔

However, the use of these modified versions can also take risks, such as a lack of security or the risk of becoming a bin through WhatsApp۔ WhatsApp’s Terms of Service prohibit the use of the Modified app, and WhatsApp systematically identifies the use of these non-official versions and prevents their use.It is best to use the common version of WhatsApp, which is available from trusted app stores, to ensure security, privacy, and compatibility with WhatsApp policy۔

Users who use Blue WhatsApp are at risk of uniform fines against WhatsApp’s official policy۔ These versions can take security vulnerabilities and there is a risk of WhatsApp construction conditions۔

It is best to use WhatsApp available from official app stores to ensure the security of your information and data۔ It is important to respect their policies to keep the WhatsApp service safe

Blue WhatsApp Download Latest v9.91 For Android 2023

Blue WhatsApp Download Latest v9.91 For Android 2023

Blue WhatsApp is modified by “mhndm” – third-party developer. The developer has tweaked the WhatsApp arrow from scratch, is using FouadMods WhatsApp and then tweaks it further with tweaks, design and features. But the interesting fact is that despite extensive edits, the size of the Blue WhatsApp file is still fantastic. It’s 78 MB only.

Android’s requirement is 4.0 or higher which is great for people who still use lower Android. Well, below, we shared full details about WhatsApp Blue APK.lets Blue WhatsApp Download

Download BlueWhatsApp Plus APK

App NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
Size78 MB
Total Downloads10,00,000+
Requires Android4.0 and up
Last Updated1 day ago

New Features

  • Customized chat screens of your chats with groups and friends
  • With new updates, you can get new stickers and emojis
  • Change the chat fonts and size and make it funky and fun with a variety of fonts available
  • Send and receive media files in full HD
  • You can even change the blue WhatsApp plus APK interface from Android to iPhone. To add the experience
  • Contact and send messages directly to unsaved numbers
  • You can download and use both WhatsApp and Blue WhatsApp Plus APK at the same time
  • Bugs and app crashing issues are resolved in the new version
  • Disable unwanted voice calls

How to Download WhatsApp Blue Latest v9.91 on Android

Downloading Blue WhatsApp on Android phones can become an issue because it’s a moody app. Google Play Store’s original security feature, called Play Protect, scans apps after downloading from third-party sites. It has become a little advanced, and modifications in applications can be detected easily.

Therefore, it is recommended to temporarily disable it. After downloading and installing Blue WhatsApp, you can re-enable the security feature, and they will all be secure.

Here are the steps to safely download Blue WhatsApp on Android. Follow carefully.

1st Step – Tap the button above to go to the download page of Blue WhatsApp.

2nd Step – Tap on the download icon appearing beside the blue WhatsApp file name.

3rd Step – Wait for Mediafire’s server to send the APK file to your browser.

4th Step – Once your browser notifies you about the file request, tap OK to start downloading Blue WhatsApp.

5th Step – Just wait until it finishes downloading. Done.

How to Install Blue WhatsApp on Android With WhatsApp Chats

If you’re worried about what will happen to your inventory of WhatsApp chats after you start using Blue WhatsApp, then don’t worry. Because you can migrate all your WhatsApp chat data to it with one click. Here’s how you can do it step by step:.

1st Step: Firstly, make sure the Play Protect is deactivated and the “Unknown sources” are enabled for third-party app installation on your phone.

2nd Step: Go to the downloads of your browser and then click on the recently downloaded Blue WhatsApp.

Open Downloaded Blue WhatsApp
Open Blue WhatsApp in Installer

3rd Step: Click on Install and wait until it gets installed successfully.

Install Blue WhatsApp on Android
Click on Install to start the Installation Process

4th Step: Once Blue WhatsApp is installed, click on Done to exit the installer.

Blue WhatsApp Successfully installed
Click on Done to exit Installer

5th Step: Launch it from the app drawer.

6th Step: Click on Agree and continue.

Blue WhatsApp Agree and continue page
Click on Agree and continue

7th Step: Now, enter the phone number that you have your WhatsApp account with, and then don’t click on “Next” yet.

Copy WhatsApp Chats to Blue WhatsApp
Copy WhatsApp Chat Data to Blue WhatsApp

8th Step: On the bottom, you will see the “Copy WhatsApp data” option. Just click on it.

9th Step: And then just continue with the rest of the general sign-in process, like filling in your Name, adding your profile photo, etc. That’s it.

Once Blue WhatsApp is fully configured and redirected to the home screen, you’ll find all of your WhatsApp chats with all the messages and media out there.

Blue WhatsApp v9.91 Changelog

Released Date: 23 November 2023
Base Update: (Play Store)
Ghost Mode [Added]
[Note: While Ghost Mode is active, your actions will be invisible to everyone.]. Your last seen is frozen, other people will think you didn’t receive the messages, opened messages will not turn blue, and you can view statuses secretly.
Custom Media Download control for each chat [Added]
WhatsApp Old UI Style (PlusMods Settings>Home>Header>Home UI Style) [Added]
See Message Edit History (after installing v9.91) [Added]
Option to show or hide ghost mode icon [Added]
Antiban improvements [Added]
Multiple Accounts on same devices [Enabled]
Multiple Accounts on the same devices [Enabled]
Adjust Group Permissions [Enabled]
New Settings UI [Enabled]
Create profile, @username, and wait for server activation [Enabled]
Add an email address to your account (Settings>Account) [Enabled]
Option to approve new group members before joining [Enabled]
Media Preview feature [Enabled]
Return original tabs order [Enabled]
Light/Night mode option to PlusMods Settings>PlusThemes [Moved]
Custom Privacy for Business Chats [Fixed]
Some text not showing on the white theme during calls [Fixed]
Screen share button color in calls [Fixed]
Some text not showing on white theme during calls [Fixed]
Some features for smooth use and avoiding problems [Disable]
General bug fixes [Misc]
Enjoy and discover by yourself [Misc]
Other fixes and improvements [Misc]

So, these are the new changes made to the updated Blue WhatsApp v9.91. It mainly comes with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Also, it is always advisable to use the latest version for the best experience.


What is blue WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Blue is a term that usually refers to modified versions of WhatsApp, featuring a blue interface or blue design with additional features outside of the official WhatsApp range.

Can I use WhatsApp Blue safely?

While useful to many users, using modified versions of WhatsApp, including Blue WhatsApp, can pose security risks as they are not official copies and are not subject to the same security checks.

How do I download Blue WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Blue was not available on official app stores. Users typically download it from informal sites like and forums, raising concerns about security and reliability.

Can I use WhatsApp Blue without being banned?

WhatsApp policies prohibit the use of third-party modified apps, and users risk being blocked if their use of unofficial versions is detected.

What features does Blue WhatsApp offer?

WhatsApp Blue basically offers the ability to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device, allowing users to switch between different numbers within the app.

Are there alternatives to Blue Whatsapp?

Yes, there are many other modified versions of WhatsApp available, each of which comes with its own set of features and risks. However, the use of these unofficial versions can lead to security vulnerabilities or bans.


Blue WhatsApp is a powerful WhatsApp edit with plenty of features. It makes using WhatsApp joyful with its great features and easy interface. Activate dark mode, Dund mode is just clicking on the blue WhatsApp. However, it is all accessible from the home screen, no need to look deep inside the settings. Also, even after having these many options in the app, it works very stable even in lower Android versions.

With regular updates, we may see it becoming the user’s preferred WhatsApp modification. Because it releases really useful features we can’t even imagine on WhatsApp stocks. That’s our opinion. Tell us about your comments in the comments below.

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