Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords December 2023 (Updated)

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Netflix is ​​a leading video streaming platform that covers all entertainment items including movies, seasons, etc. It provides the best service and also charges lower fees for its subscription compared to its competitors. If you are an avid consumer of video entertainment, then you are probably aware of the fact that Netflix is ​​a one-stop platform for all exclusive movies and seasons.

With its efficient subscription fees and amazing features, it has gathered nearly 247.15 million users from all over the world and is constantly growing. It has also become one of the best live-streaming companies in the world. For those who cannot afford a subscription plan, we will provide free Netflix accounts and passwords. Below, we’ve added new unused accounts (email and password) that work in December 2023.

What Are Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords?

As you now know Netflix is ​​a video streaming platform, well, to access Netflix features, you will need an active Netflix account email and password. It will allow you to log into Netflix and access its premium content and features. Netflix has 4 different subscription plans (mobile, basic, standard, and premium) that offer different perks at different prices.

The lowest plan requires Rs 149 per month and with the lowest subscription, you can stream 480p videos and watch Netflix on your mobile and tablet, it has a usage limit on one device at a time, unlimited movie streaming, and also cancel the subscription anytime. Its highest plan is Premium which costs Rs 649 and with it, you can stream 4K+ HDR videos and share up to 4 screens.

Now, what are free Netflix accounts and passwords? Well, they are the same Netflix account but on higher plans and not limited to use on just one device. This means that multiple people can use accounts on multiple devices at the same time without any hindrance.

Below, you will find the list of free working Netflix accounts & passwords. The account’s email and password may not work for everybody, in that case, we recommend trying the next one until you find the working account.

Working Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords

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Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords That Still Works in 2023

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Long-term Free Working Netflix Accounts & Passwords

We also found some working and newly created free Netflix accounts. The emails and passwords below have been taken from another source and are newly created.

UsernamePasswordAccount Added
rwilding94@gmail.comlemonade01 day ago
cluvison2013@fau.eduHollygirl091 day ago
py120maniac@yahoo.com6234Kinsey1 day ago
dallasb79@yahoo.comMarine9881 day ago
rishabhmehra0790@gmail.comWindows71 day ago
chinmoy.mohapatra@3sindia.comsteelhead1 day ago day ago
manoj.gupta1917@gmail.comManoj19171 day ago
luc.visconte@gmail.compattenoire1 day ago

Free Netflix Accounts List Updated – 15th December 2023

We add the email and password here after testing them and only add them when they work. Most users also change the password for free Netflix accounts as soon as they get access to it. This is why you see the password is wrong during the login process. Well, don’t worry if you are experiencing that too. There are many ways to access Netflix for free, let me show you.

How to Get Free Netflix Accounts in 2023

If someone wants to get a free Netflix Premium account, it means that he is not ready to subscribe to the Netflix subscription plan or bear the money without trying its service, for those people, the free accounts have been shared above. You can use your username and password to get a glimpse of Netflix’s features and content. Other than that, some ways can help you get free accounts.

Below, we have shared the best ways through which you can get a free Netflix account in 2023. By following them, you can get free accounts for a few days, i.e. 14 days, 30 days, 7 days, etc.

1. Free Netflix With Airtel Black Plan

Airtel is one of the leading telecom companies and has recently enhanced its Airtel Black packages which now include a free Netflix account with the selected black plan. In the Black Plan, you can organize a plan that is perfect for your entire family as per the requirements like Postpaid Sims, Airtel Fiber + Landline, and DTH. Once you subscribe to the Airtel Black Plan with Netflix, you can redeem the OTT subscription from the Airtel Thanks benefits section.

2. Free 7-day Trial Netflix Account

With a regular subscription on the Netflix platform, one can get a 7-day trial account upon first subscription free. In those seven days, you will have full access to Netflix and will be able to enjoy all its features and content. For a regular subscription, simply visit the official Netflix website and then subscribe to any subscription you wish. After 7 days, you can easily cancel the account and Netflix won’t charge you a penny for it.

3. Free Netflix With Xfinity Package

If you’re using the streaming service Xfinity TV Box, Netflix is ​​likely already bundled with it and you just need to activate it. However, to check if you are eligible to get free Netflix with your Xfinity TV Box, all you have to do is check if the plan or package you have subscribed to includes the feature. Then, you can simply search Netflix via the Xfinity Voice Remote and start streaming Netflix.

4. Sharing of Netflix Account

If your friends have a Netflix account with a premium plan, you can ask them if they can share the account with you. In most cases, if you have good friends, they will not hesitate to share their accounts with you. In the worst case, you can give them some money and get a Netflix account in partnership. This will work if you know what I’m talking about here. At least this will save you some money instead of paying for a premium Netflix account alone.

5. Free Netflix Account with T-Mobile

T-Mobile has launched a product called “Netflix on Us”. Hereby, if you subscribe to a particular T-Mobile plan, you will get Netflix Basic included at no additional cost. This will be great if you’re a regular T-Mobile user as you can get the offer in just a few clicks. You at least need to get any purple color that has two or more lines, and then, you can start. You can activate Netflix by logging into the myT-Mobile app > Add-ons.

6. Netflix Content Apps

One popular solution for watching Netflix content is to use free movie apps. These apps offer movies and TV seasons in bulk and have a separate section for OTA platform content like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. You can explore and watch your favorite Netflix originals as well as other entertainment offered by the platform on free movie apps Less. These apps are also legitimate and you can download them safely from app stores.

7. Netflix Cookies

Another great way to access Netflix for free is to use Netflix cookies. Netflix cookies are some files that are created when a subscribed user browses Netflix via their browser. In general, the browser stores cookies to speed up the browsing process and the overall user experience. In this method, you just need an extension called EditThisCookies and valid Netflix cookies. You can either use it on a PC or Android. The instructions for each are outlined in the helpful link below.

8. Free Netflix Accounts Telegram Channels 2023

Telegram has become a text version of YouTube where you can subscribe to channels and receive updates about their content in text form. There are many free Telegram channels for Netflix accounts where the admin runs giveaways regularly. You can participate and try your luck. These channels also provide free Netflix accounts to their subscribers every week and sometimes within 2 to 3 days.

Free Netflix Accounts Telegram Channels

So, install Telegram on your phone if you haven’t already and search the term “Free Netflix Accounts” using the search tool. Join all of the channels that appear in the search and follow them to receive free working accounts.

So, these are the 9 ways to get a free Netflix account other than the free Netflix account email and password shared above. Now, let me show you the benefits of a free Netflix account.

Benefits of a Free Netflix Account

When we get something for free, the benefit doesn’t matter to most of us, but some of you might want to know the benefits. For those people, I will share the real benefits of a free Netflix account.

Complete access to Netflix
Complete access to

Some of you may suspect that with a free Netflix account, you will not be able to access the full version of Netflix. Well, that’s not true, you will be able to access the full version of Netflix with a free Netflix account. Yes, you may face some restrictions due to the plan you have with the free Netflix account provided. Depending on your plan, you will be able to access the enabled features offered by Netflix by default.

Download Facility
Download Facility

If you find something interesting but don’t have a stable internet connection or time to watch it, you can download it and watch it offline whenever you want. This is possible through the downloading ability that Netflix offers to all its users, on all plans. There is no additional charge for this, as this feature is included in all four plans currently offered by Netflix. With the download feature, you can choose the quality of the video you want to download. This option will pop up once you request to download by clicking on the download button on Netflix while streaming videos.

Stream at 4K/Ultra HD
Stream at 4KUltra HD

If you get the Premium plan with the free Netflix accounts shared above, you will be able to stream videos on Netflix in 4K/Ultra HD. Not all video streaming platforms have this capability, and even those that charge more than Netflix for subscriptions only have 1080p quality. Well, the best thing about Netflix is ​​that you can stream any video in the highest quality in 4K resolution. This feature is very satisfactory for Netflix users.


The biggest disadvantage of television at the moment is that only one person can use the television at a time. Well, the script for online streaming services like Netflix is ​​different. However, with a free Netflix account, you can share the screen with 4 other family members or friends. This means that four people will be able to use one Netflix account at the same time. These four people can choose their favorite movies or seasons to watch separately. This is the main feature and advantage of Netflix.

So, these are the overall benefits of free Netflix accounts which are no different from the actual features of Netflix. Well, now that we’ve come this far, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Free Netflix Accounts FAQs

If you still have questions about free Netflix Accounts then you can find the answer here.

How can I get a free Netflix account?

To get a free Netflix account, you can take advantage of the Netflix trial period and try out the platform to see if it suits your requirements. Apart from that, you can get a free account from other users who have subscribed to Netflix with a standard or higher plan. You can also use the free Netflix username and password that we have provided here. Netflix content apps also work quite well, as they allow you to access Netflix without any account.

Can I get a free Netflix account in the Philippines?

Yes, anyone can get a free Netflix account in the Philippines. The free Netflix username and password are supported in all regions, the only thing you have to do is to use the free account details, i.e. username and password, and change the region in settings to the Philippines.

Is Using the Free Netflix Account Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use in most cases unless you are tricking Netflix with the IDs generated by the free Netflix account generator. All the free Netflix accounts provided here are real accounts and hence you will not face any problem after using them. The free accounts were selected from Telegram channels and some other valid sources.

Should I Use Free Netflix Accounts Generated by Netflix Account Generator?

You should not use it because they use a hack to allow the generated IDs to work on Netflix. The video streaming company is also working to block fake logins from fake IDs. These generated IDs may seem to work for you but that could put you in trouble since they are completely illegal. At the same time, you will bear some risks while using a free Netflix account created by Netflix Account Generator. We strongly recommend that you ignore such tools to avoid pointless problems.


Now you have concluded this article, so far we have discussed almost everything related to a free Netflix account. If you are going to use the above-mentioned Netflix account, you need to know that it may work for a few days. All the Netflix accounts shared above are from valid sources, some of them will work and some won’t. But we encourage you to try all the accounts listed until you find a working one and then stick with it as long as it works.

We update the list of free Netflix accounts regularly and try to provide working accounts as much as possible. If you have any questions about a free Netflix account that aren’t answered in the FAQ section, ask us in the comments below. Also let us know your thoughts about this article on free Netflix accounts, and share it with your friends if you liked it.

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