GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download v17.57 For Android [2023]

GBWhatsApp Pro 2023: 

The world is changing rapidly, and new technologies are being replaced. The traditional messaging app has been less than a fan because WhatsApp Twicks comes with new features, a better user interface, better privacy, and so on. Users prefer apps that give them control and the freedom to customize anything without limitation.

GBWhatsApp Pro v17.57 is a perfect example of a messaging app in the new era. It is full of essential traditional features and has additional super features on top that make’users a much better experience. Therefore, in this article, we will offer GboatsApp Pro ABC live downloads, explanations of useful features, and guidance to help you with everything. Let’s dig.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a new-era messaging app developed by AlexMods in 2018. As it has become public for use, it has increased significantly in terms of consumers. Almost every two months, a new version comes up with the latest updated rules, improvements, and bug fixes. It is purely edited and built on top of the shares.

In real-time, it has features that only a few, such as anti-delete messages and app locks, can improve the lives of blink users by activating offline titanium backups, a Free theme library, etc. In general, there are some limitations to using some features of WhatsApp. But with Gboatsapp Pro, you can eliminate them and use the platform more freely. In addition, you will have more controls and options that you can adapt to your preferences.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro v17.57 Latest Update 2023

Download GBWhatsApp Pro Latest Update
Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK

Being an informal app, it is not available on any app store for download. When you want the most updated version, you have to go to sites like ours. The latest GBWhatsApp Pro v17.57 provides the best anti-ban facility, as your primary account will be saved. You can provide stress-free facilities to all ministries of defense. Furthermore, despite being filled with many powerful features, they are extremely light.

App Details

NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Size70.2 MB
Android Requires5.1 or up
Updated on7 December 2023

How to Install GBWhatsApp Pro on Android With WhatsApp Chats

We’re all worried about WhatsApp chat data when we think about going to WhatsApp modes. Because it is the most important. Well, there’s a way you can make it faster because it’s no longer a headache. And you don’t even have to convert backup files into file management. Here are the steps:

1st Step: Enable unknown sources if not already enabled in your phone settings.

2nd Step: Open recently downloaded GBWhatsApp Pro. You can do that from your browser or File Manager.

Open Downloaded GBWhatsApp Pro
GBWhatsApp Pro in Downloads

3rd Step: Once the installer is opened, click on Install and wait until the process completes.

Install GBWhatsApp Pro

4th Step: After that, click on Done.

GBWhatsApp Pro Installation Successful

5th Step: Now, you have to make sure the stock WhatsApp is installed on your phone and properly logged in. Then open it and click on 3-dots>select Linked Devices. And then minimize it.

Link a Device in WhatsApp ready to scan the QR

6th Step: Launch GBWhatsApp Pro then press Agree and continue.

GBWhatsApp Pro Starting Interface

7th Step: Once you’re asked to enter your mobile number, just click on the 3 dots from the top right and choose Link a device.

Open Link a Device from the phone registering interface by clicking 3-dots in GBWhatsApp Pro

8th Step: Screenshot the linking QR code and send it to your other phone or PC. You can also use your family member’s phone.

Link a Device QR code in GBWhatsApp Pro

9th Step: Immediately open the minimized WhatsApp on your phone and click on Link a Device. Just scan the QR you’ve sent to your other phone.

Scan GBWhatsApp Pro QR code from WhatsApp Link a Device

10th Step: That’s it. You will be logged in with all your WhatsApp chats in GBWhatsApp Pro. 8
GBWhatsApp Pro with WhatsApp Chats

Keep in mind that this is not a permanent membership. That means you’ll have to log out soon. Therefore, instantly create offline backups using GBWHatsApp Pro’s titanium backup feature. You can find them in the edit settings.

Once you have a chat backup for GBWhatsApp Pro, you can log out of your WhatsApp > 3-dot > temporary login from connected devices.

Then click Restore Backup instead of reopening, approving, and continuing GBWATSAP Pro. This chat will restore backup and then you can log in permanently by entering your phone number.

Therefore, it was the whole process of moving from WhatsApp stock to GBWhatsApp Pro without losing chat.

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GBWhatsApp Pro v17.57 Changelog

Whenever a new version comes out, it contains some changes. If you are curious to know the new changes in GBWhatsApp Pro, you will find them here.

GBWhatsApp Pro v17.57 Changelog
GBWhatsApp Pro v17.57
Released Date: 19 November 2023
Base Update: (Play Store)
Expiry Date [Extend]
Random Crash In Some Chats/Groups [Fixed]
Crash When Opening MODS Story [Fixed]
Other Fixes And Improvements [Misc]

The new GBWhatsApp Pro v17.57 was recently released on November 19, 2023 and is the safest version of the day. Therefore, Super is recommended to update the latest version. If you want to know the appropriate update procedure, you can follow the following guide.

How to Update GBWhatsApp Pro to the Latest Version on Android

Update GBWhatsApp Pro
Update GBWhatsApp Pro

Since this is an unofficial app that is not available on the Play Store, you should follow the manual app update process. The best part is that the process is very simple and requires only a few clicks here and there.
Dispose of the previous GBWhatsApp Pro APK and make sure “ Unknown ” sources are active on your phone.

  1. Go to the current page of or the updated APK and download it to your phone. You can also bookmark this page for future updates.
  2. Open the latest downloaded GBWhatsApp Pro and install it on top of older versions.
  3. After installing, click to exit the installer.
  4. Done.

You can follow the same steps above to update GBWhatsApp Pro on your phone every time a new version comes out.

GBWhatsApp Pro vs Stock WhatsApp Comparison

Although both are messaging apps for Android, there are many differences between them when comparing features. Look at the knowledge, anyone will be able to make a big difference. Here are the direct comparisons.

FeaturesGBWhatsApp ProWhatsApp
Anti-Delete MessagesYesNo
Chat BackupOffline modeOffline & Online
Schedule MessageYesNo
Dark ModeYesYes
DND ModeYesNo
In-built App LockYesNo
Privacy OptionsBestLimited
CustomizationBestFew only
File Sharing ThresholdUpto 1GB100Mb
Message Forward at a TimeUnlimited contactsOnly 5 Contacts
Download statusYesNo

Looking at the chart above, it is clear that GB Whatsapp Pro is more capable than WhatsApp due to its strong features. So now the confusion is clear, let’s testify to the features and what they can do.

GBWhatsApp Pro Features

GBWhatsApp Pro Features
GBWhatsApp Pro Features

Taking advantage of the powerful features of GB Whatsapp Pro, the user can do a very useful job of improving everyday life on the messaging platform. Here are some of its best features.

  • Anti-delete status – prevents others from deleting status updates for you.
  • Anti-delete message – This will prevent you from deleting messages.
  • Themes – Topics You can find and install a free theme library, create backups, manage themes, and much more.
  • Freeze the last scene – When it is activated, your last scene will freeze until you close it.
  • Show blue tick after reply – When enabled, your contacts will receive blue markings on their messages when they respond, Not when they are read.
  • Message Schedule – You can schedule a message for any contact at any time in the future.
  • Inactive – Shipping agent When activation occurs, no redirect message or media will be sent with a redirect tag.
  • App Lock – This is a built-in app lock that can save you from people opening GBWatsApp Pro on your phone.
  • Hide – performance status With it, you can see people’s status updates on your contacts without revealing your profile.
  • Group Message Sender – You can send messages to as many contacts as possible with this feature.
  • Auto Reply – You can manage an automatic reply message for your account.  Thanks. You will be contacted soon.
  • Hide media from the gallery – Images and videos such as media files will not be stored in your phone gallery but will be available on GBWhatsApp Pro.
  • Titanium Backup Like – Data Backup This is a powerful backup feature that can help you back up your chats and save them offline.
  • Increase the front limit – With this, you can send a message to 250 contacts simultaneously.
  • Send images with full resolution – When enabled, the image resolution will be reduced upon sending and will be sent with the original resolution.

There are many more features there are in GBWhatsApp Pro available which you can explore yourself. We have tried to list the most useful ones only.


Is GBWhatsApp Pro Safe?

Yes, it’s as safe as Stock WhatsApp. To date, no data leakage has been found, and the app receives security updates, so there are often neutral threats. Given the background history of its AlexMods developer, it has developed several other changes that work with GBWhatsApp Pro.

What features did GBWhatsApp offer?

GBWhatsApp provided features like extended privacy settings (such as hiding last seen, blue ticks, online status), customization options for themes, fonts, and overall appearance, the ability to send larger files, and more extensive control over chats (like scheduling messages).

Will I get banned for using GBWhatsApp?

WhatsApp has been strict about enforcing its policies against the use of unofficial apps like GBWhatsApp. Users found using such modified versions might face temporary or permanent bans from the platform.

Can I transfer my chats from GBWhatsApp to the official WhatsApp?

Transferring chats from GBWhatsApp to the official app isn’t directly supported. Users who want to switch back to the official WhatsApp might lose their chat history when migrating.

Where can I download GBWhatsApp?

It’s not recommended to download or use GBWhatsApp or any other modified version of WhatsApp due to security and privacy risks. These versions aren’t available on official app stores and must be downloaded from third-party websites, which increases the risk of downloading malware.


GBWhatsApp Pro is undoubtedly a powerful WhatsApp that has a lot of potential. In this rapidly changing world, we need a comprehensive messaging app in which we have all the options we need. This eliminates the need to use another third-party app to complete an excellent messaging experience. For example, it has the facility to lock the original application. In addition, the developer is devoting his time to introducing new features with basic security updates on time.

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