GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB v11.0 Download [2023]

GTA San Andreas Light APK is an abstract version of the original GTA San Andreas handheld game. Its file size is just 283 MB including APK and OBB data files. Rockstar Games has launched this version, especially for low-end mobile players. The original version requires decent specifications to run properly. Most children are still using a mobile phone with 2 GB RAM. Thus, they cannot turn it on.

Given this fact, the company behind the game has launched a lighter version of it. This light version can run on Android with at least 1.5 GB of RAM. It does not even require an internet connection while playing. At the same time, all you have to do is spend your internet data to download the file of this game. And then you will be able to enjoy them offline.

You may need an internet connection whenever a new update arrives. Because this version cannot be played on the phone without the latest version of the light game. Okay, here, we’ll get you the latest GTA San Andreas Light APK + OBB update for 2023. First of all, we give you a complete overview of this game.

GTA San Andreas Lite Game Overview

In this version, you will see some differences compared to its original version such as graphics quality, control function, RGB color, minimap, etc. The reason for its small size is less functionality and less graphics. Rockstar Games has focused on making this game suitable for almost all existing Android devices. So, users who cannot run the GTA San Andreas mobile on their phones can play this lighter version.

The developer has cut off every possible element of the game to make it lighter. When you play this game you will see that the size of the map has decreased, the availability of weapons is low, some car combinations, and so on. Removing these elements from the game makes it possible to run on any Android phone.

Similar to the storyline, important gameplay and levels in the original version, too. You’ll see the same place, the same car, the same gun, the same building, and the same people in town. Some things will be missing in this version you can see. Overall, you will enjoy the game GTA San Andreas Light as it still holds fun.

GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB Download Latest Update 2023

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Unfortunately, GTA San Andreas Light is currently not on the official Android app store. At the same time, you will need to download the game from the official website. But as you visit this page to download the GTA San Andreas Light APC, we will offer you a direct download link for it. We have downloaded the game from the official website and made a shareable link. The size of the game will be only 283 MB according to the new update that contains ABC and OBV files.

GTA San Lite has been modified by CLEO and all the features of the paid game are now free to access. Here is the full game file information.

File Details

NameGTA San Andreas Lite
Size283 (APK + OBB combined)
DeveloperRockstar Games
Modified byCLEO
Android Requires4.4 or above
Updated on22 December 2023

Use the below buttons to download GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBB versions respectively.

GTA San Andreas Lite Requirements

Android requires4.4
Processor1.8 GHz, Dual Core
GPUAdreno 420
Free Space1.2 GB

GTA San Andreas Lite Game Features

Features of the game GTA San Andreas Light: Even though it is a light Android game, it has a lot of features that I think are worth sharing here. Knowing its benefits helps you understand and navigate the game easily. So, here are the features of GTA San Andreas Lite for Android.

  1. Real gaming experience
    The graphics quality of this game is amazing and similar to other GTA mobile game series. The movement of vehicles on the road, people on the road, and buildings look real. You will feel almost everything that happens in the game happens to you. In particular, when you drive a car, you shoot one, you walk on the road, etc. Even the sound of the game will look real. You can compare the sports sounds of car horns, car passes, and party clubs with real life.
  2. Different types of vehicles
    Until I played this game, I thought I would see some vehicles in the game. But things are right for my expectations. GTA San Andreas Light has a wide variety of vehicles such as scooters, bicycles, jeeps, cars, buses, and ambulances. All these vehicles are accessible for players to drive in the game. You will also be able to see the vehicle damage graph on the screen which can help you know when it will explode. When you run away from police shootings, your car is likely to be damaged to catch or kill you. Be sure to jump when your car starts burning. This indicates that the car will burst in a few seconds. And if you don’t, your game is over.
  3. Interesting mission
    GTA San Andreas has some great missions that you would like to play like Mission 3 and Task 5. Completing tasks will help you make money from a game that you can use to buy items like weapons, cars, etc. In some missions, you will be chasing bad people and in some missions, you will be saved from the police. It is easier to play a start mission than a mission after 5 or 6. When you complete the tasks one by one, you will experience that you are getting better at the game. It will also make you excited to play them.
  4. Explore a beautiful city
    GTA San Andreas Light offers a beautiful city on a map in which you can explore and enjoy things. You can do whatever you want, whether you want to party in a club with girls, drive an expensive car, or ride a bike at a high speed, All are available in this game. The length of the map has certainly diminished, but there are still some great places in the city that you would love to visit.
  5. vast Action
    Despite being a light game, the action has increased and there are now some villains who will need to fight. There is a story in the game that concludes that you have to take revenge on these people because they did something wrong with your family and left you alone. Whenever you do wrong in the city and these villains, at the same time you will fight in the game with the police. These are features and things that I think help you understand the game better. You will be able to navigate better after knowing these great features.

Gameplay Screenshots👇

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2 1
3 2

Wrapping Up

GTA San Andreas Light is a great game for Android that most of you will enjoy reading this. Because it has some really interesting experiences like work, enjoyment, luxury and much more. The best part is that you will be able to enjoy this game on any Android phone. Because the requirements of this game are very low and nowadays almost every phone has at least this type of goggles.

We hope you liked this article at GTA San Andreas Lite APK + OBBB. If so, share this post with your friends and let them know. Also, if you are having any problems with the game or have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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