OGWhatsApp APK Download v17.57 Latest Update [2024]

OGWhatsApp APK is one of the best WhatsApp modes to come with a unique UI touch compared to its rivals. Despite being new to the app market, it attracts a lot of attention from WhatsApp users. Certainly because of the many advantages and modern form. And the best part is that although there is a premium app, it is completely free to download.

The best way to go with OGWhatsApp is to try out the ultimate edition of WhatsApp. Even if you are a beginner, you will not find it difficult to use and once you are familiar with its features, you will enjoy using it more than normal WhatsApp. So, this article is about downloading the OGWhatsApp APK, the installation process, and using it to your advantage.

What is OGWhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp is primarily a thorny version of WhatsApp Messenger equipped with advanced features to provide users with the best experience. It was developed by AlexMods and is very popular and has a great experience accommodating WhatsApp. The developer has also created many other WhatsApp tweaks like WhatsApp Plus. The OGWhatsApp APK is very well improved and even with many features, it works flawlessly.

In addition, it has all the cool mod features found in other popular WhatsApp modes. Last seen, anti-delete message, show blue ticks after reply, display status, anti-delete status, and more.

OGWhatsapp APK was initially introduced by AlexMods in 2019 and has since been downloaded in the millions. Although the app is full of many features, it is interesting to know that its file size is less than 70 MB. Below, we’ve shared the full file description of the latest OGWatsApp app.


How to Download OGWhatsApp Latest v17.57 on Android

We’ve offered you a direct download link to OGWhatsApp, but only if you’re going with an optional link, here’s a short guide so you can save your Android file hassle-free.

1st Step: Copy the above link and paste it into a new tab to visit the download page of OGWhatsApp.

2nd Step: After the page gets completely loaded, click on the OGWhatsApp download icon.

3rd Step: Then the Mediafire server will send you the file to accept for downloading.

4th Step: Before you accept, make sure the file name of the downloading APK is OGWhatsApp.

5th Step: Wait until it gets downloaded. That’s it.

How to Install OGWhatsApp on Android With All WhatsApp Chats

Since OGWhatsApp has a different package name from WhatsApp, it is possible to install both apps at the same time. In WhatsApp modes like OGWhatsApp, you can take all WhatsApp chats with you in OGWhatsApp. During the signup process, there is an option that allows you to copy all chats from the WhatsApp installer.

Okay, let’s take a step back so you can install OGWhatsapp on your Android with all your WhatsApp chats.

Step 1: Make sure you install WhatsApp stock and have the latest chats you want to transfer to OGWhatsApp.

Step 2: Navigate to the OGWhatsApp download site, and it’s probably in your browser download folder. Just find out and click OG.
Step 3: Press the install button and wait until the processing is complete.

Step 4: Once the installation is complete, click to exit, do not open yet.

Step 5: Go to File Manager > WhatsApp > Document > Backup. Copy that WhatsApp backup folder and rename it first “ OGBackups ”. Then paste it into OGWatsApp > documents. Replace the folder with the current file if it already exists.

Step 6: Now, stop all of the background activity. Then open the app drawer search and click OGWhatsApp۔ Then click Restore Backup first.

Step 7: Click Approval and Continue.
Step 8: Complete the rest of the sign-up process and you are done.

Once you complete the subscription, you’ll get all of your WhatsApp chats at OGWatsApp۔ So, this way you can install OGWhatsApp without losing your WhatsApp chat.

OGWhatsApp v17.57 Changelog

OGWhatsApp APK has gone through a lot of important changes, especially with the latest release you might find helpful to know.

OGWhatsApp v17.57 Changelog

To enjoy all the new features & changes, one must make sure that the OGWhatsApp updated version is installed. The newest version also promises to improve performance, fix all recently found bugs, provide top security & privacy, etc.

OGWhatsApp Features

OGWhatsapp APK
OGWhatsApp Features

If you are new to this WhatsApp MODE and think about all the powerful features offered here, then we are going to make it easier for you to understand. By knowing the features of Auguatsap, you will have a better experience using the app। You will be able to navigate better, maintain the settings you want, customize the designs according to your needs, etc.

  1. Message Scheduling: This is a special feature that allows scheduling messages for your contact. If you are very busy with your work but want to wish your loved ones a happy birthday at 12:01, you can schedule a birthday message at your leisure i.e. 1 day in advance or 1 week in advance.
  2. Sender group message: By using this feature, you can send a message to all your contacts simultaneously without any restrictions which is not the case with WhatsApp stock। However, you can only send messages to a limited number of contacts, i.e. 25.
  3. WhatsApp Lock: The OGWHatsApp password comes with a built-in feature to lock the app with either a style or PIN. If you don’t want to let anyone easily access your WhatsApp entry and read the chat, this is the most useful feature to use to protect it from it.
  4. Anti-delete status: This is a privacy-focused feature that protects status removal. If someone in your contact loads up the status update and removes it before viewing it, it usually disappears. But with the anti-delete status turned on, no one will be able to delete your status update. Deleted status updates will be deleted after just 24 hours.
  5. Hide Visible Status: When turned on, you will be able to see everyone’s status updates in your contacts without revealing them yourself. Your profile will not only appear in the list of monitored conditions.
  6. Show blue tag after reply: As the name goes, when it is activated, so messages you receive do not appear with a blue tag to the sender until you reply. This is a special feature available at OGWhatsApp but not in stock WhatsApp.
  7. Anti-delete message: This is a privacy feature that prevents messages from being deleted to you. Even deleted messages will be viewable for you. Once enabled, make sure to reboot OGWhatsApp to make it effective immediately.
  8. Disable Forward: When we send a message to someone, it is marked as “ forward ”, which means we sent someone’s message back. Activating this feature will remove the forward tags from a shared message that will reveal the message individually.
  9. Freeze last scene: Using this, you can freeze your profile last seen in Augwatsap। That is, once you see it for the last time, it will be frozen forever until you turn off the feature.
  10. Who can call me?: Are you angry about random calls on WhatsApp? You can use this feature to control. You can block the type of contact you can contact, that is, everyone, except my contacts, my contacts, anyone, etc.

Therefore, these are the most attractive features of Augwatsap। There are many add-ons such as sticker packs and backgrounds, and themes to install custom themes from the internal library for 4000 + options, universal for some other options such as the main media of the gallery, backup and restore tools ، Blahblah. You can then also customize A-Z items for home screens, chat screens, and gadgets.

OGWhatsApp FAQs

OGWhatsApp was a popular modified version of WhatsApp that allowed users to hold multiple accounts on one device. Here are some frequently asked questions about OGWhatsApp:

What is OGWhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp was a modified version of WhatsApp that allowed users to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device.

Is OGWhatsApp safe to use?

While many users have found it useful, using modified versions of WhatsApp, including OGWHATSApp, May prevent security risks because they are not official versions and are not subject to similar security checks.

How can I download OGWhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp was not available on the official App Store. Users usually download it from third-party sites like freemodapk.in or forums, raising concerns about security and reliability.

Can I use OGWhatsApp without restrictions?

WhatsApp policies banned the use of third-party modified apps and risked blocking users when they were discovered. This was a common issue with OGWhatsApp users.

What features does OGWhatsApp provide?

OGWhatsApp primarily offered the ability to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device, allowing users to switch between different numbers within the app.

 Remember that using modified versions of apps likeOGWhatsApp can violate the original app's terms of service and threaten the security of your data.  It is generally appropriate to stick to the official versions available on the authorized App Store to ensure safety and security.


OGWhatsApp is a fairly powerful WhatsApp edit with all the new features you’ll find in the other top tweaks. It is managed by a well-known developer named AlexMods who releases updates every month. The main difference is in the user interface, especially on the home screen. Most mod features are easy to find and use, and there are no mistakes, so the user experience will always be on top.

So this is him. Hopefully, we can provide you with a great download experience for OGWatsApp. We make sure the link is updated with the latest version so you always get the updated OGWHATSAPK. If there is still anything you are skeptical about, ask in the comments below.

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