Top 10 best Horror games for Android

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of horror games on Android, where excitement, suspense, horror, and thrills await. From creepy haunted houses to post-apocalyptic zombie-infested landscapes, these top 10 best horror games offer immersive and terrifying experiences. Dead Space immerses players into the disturbing depths of a haunted spaceship, while Five Nights at Freddy’s challenges the nerves as possessed animatronics wander through a pizzeria.

Into the Dead 2 delivers an adrenaline-packed zombie apocalypse, and Eyes: Scary Thriller ramps up the fear in a haunted house setting. Slendrina: The Vault and the Siren Head create ominous environments, each with its terrifying entities. Dark Corridor and The Fear: Creepy Scream House lead players through creepy corridors and haunted dwellings, while Reporter 2 reveals creepy secrets. Situation: Animatronics puts stealth and strategy to the test in a police department controlled by animatronics. Get ready to embrace fear and suspense with these engaging horror games designed to keep you on the edge of your seat on Android devices.

Top 10 best Horror games for Android

1. Dead Space

Dead Space on Android emulates the unnerving survival horror experience of this popular series. Players assume the role of Isaac Clarke, traversing a derelict spaceship infested by strange, regenerating creatures known as Necromorphs. The game immerses players in a dark atmospheric story, combining strategic combat and resource management to survive haunting environments and uncover the mystery behind the infestation. With stunning visuals and intense gameplay, Dead Space delivers an unsettling and immersive horror experience on mobile devices.

2 1
Dead Space

2. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s sets the stage in a seemingly innocuous pizzeria, where players assume the role of the night watchman. As the night progresses, the animated characters come to life, turning sinister and aggressive. With limited resources and surveillance cameras as the only line of defence, players must survive the night by monitoring the animatronics’ movements and conserving energy. The game’s eerie atmosphere and intense jump scares contribute to its chilling appeal, providing an adrenaline-filled experience that keeps players on their toes.

Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy’s

3. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 thrusts players into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The game unfolds across different landscapes, each fraught with the undead. Armed with an array of weapons, players embark on a relentless journey, striving to reunite with their families amidst the chaos. Immersive first-person runner-style gameplay, combined with stunning visuals, intensifies the urgency of survival. With multiple stories and diverse environments, it offers a compelling story woven into heart-pounding action.

Into the Dead 2
Into the Dead 2

4. Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game

Eyes: Scary Thriller offers a psychological horror experience inside a haunted house. Players explore its creepy corridors, collecting scattered items as they attempt to evade the haunting entities that lurk within. The game’s tension builds as players navigate the maze-like interiors, providing an unsettling and suspenseful atmosphere that keeps players on their toes. With carefully crafted levels and atmospheric sound design, Eyes delivers an immersive horror adventure that taps into a primal fear of the unknown.

Eyes: Scary Thriller - Creepy Horror Game
Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game

5. Slendrina: The Cellar

Slendrina: The Cellar thrusts players into a creepy cellar haunted by the malevolent entity Slendrina. The goal is to uncover clues and solve puzzles while avoiding the ominous presence that lurks within the shadows. With its eerie atmosphere, enigmatic puzzles, and unexpected scares, the game creates an environment of palpable dread, providing a chilling horror experience for mobile players.

Slendrina: The Cellar
Slendrina: The Cellar

6. Siren Head

Siren Head immerses players in a haunting forest environment where they encounter the mysterious and terrifying Siren Head. As players explore the desolate landscape, they encounter strange encounters and must navigate the strange environment while avoiding the grasp of this menacing entity. The game’s atmospheric design and suspenseful gameplay contribute to a feeling of constant tension, creating a truly unsettling experience.

Siren Head
Siren Head

7. Dark Corridor 2

Dark Corridor plunges players into a foreboding corridor filled with chilling visuals and unsettling sounds. With minimal guidance, players navigate through the darkness, encountering spine-chilling imagery and unnerving sequences that heighten the sense of fear and uncertainty.

Dark Corridor 2
Dark Corridor 2

8. The Fear: Creepy Scream House

The Fear: Creepy Scream House unfolds in a haunted residence, urging players to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries. As they explore, they encounter chilling entities and unnerving environments that test their resolve to survive the haunting encounters.

The Fear: Creepy Scream House
The Fear: Creepy Scream House

9. Reporter 2

Reporter 2 takes players on an investigative horror journey where they confront chilling mysteries. As they delve deeper into the narrative, they navigate through haunting environments and face unexpected horrors, unraveling a compelling and eerie storyline.

Reporter 2
Reporter 2

10. CASE: Animatronics

CASE: Animatronics immerses players in an abandoned police department overrun by animatronic adversaries. Surviving the night requires strategic planning, stealth, and resourceful thinking to outmaneuver these mechanical foes in an intense battle for survival.

CASE: Animatronics
CASE: Animatronics
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Top 10 best Horror games for Android/Rating/Downloads

Game NameTotal DownloadsRating
Dead Space1.5M+4.6
Five Nights at Freddy’s3.2M+4.7
Into the Dead 22.8M+4.5
Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game1.9M+4.3
Slendrina: The Cellar1.3M+4.4
Siren Head2.5M+4.6
Dark Corridor1.7M+4.2
The Fear: Creepy Scream House2.1M+4.5
Reporter 21.6M+4.1
CASE: Animatronics2.3M+4.4

Final Thoughts

Exploring horror games on Android can be an adrenaline-filled ride, diving into haunted houses, surviving the apocalypse, and encountering terrifying entities. The top 10 games offer diverse experiences, from the haunting spacecraft in Dead Space to the nerve-racking nights in Five Nights at Freddy’s. The zombie-infested landscapes of Into the Dead 2 and the psychological scares that plague Eyes provide visceral chills. Slendrina, Siren Head and Dark Corridor create an atmosphere of palpable dread, while The Fear and Reporter 2 unravels mysteries in eerie places. Meanwhile, CASE: Animatronics tests intelligence against animated opponents. These games promise excitement, offering a thrilling and terrifying adventure on your Android device.

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