What Does MIP 67 Mean on Android? How to Get Rid of it?

MIP 67 is a common mistake that can occur on Android phones regardless of their brand. The error is visible to many users, especially with Sprint and Boost mobile networks. However, this can happen with any carrier network. In most cases, this MIP67 error occurs on Android due to failed recording.

However, it is known that in CDMA devices, when the cellular account is not properly provided by the service provider, This triggers an MIP67 error when trying to connect to the Internet using mobile data. Although this error is less relevant to the device, we have to play with network settings to solve the problem. So, first of all, I need to explain a little bit and then we will come up with a solution.

What is MIP 67 on Android?

The MIP 67 is an error on Android caused by failure to authenticate the mobile node. One such error results from an Android phone failing to check in with the PDSN (Packet Data Serving Node). PDSN is a vital component of your carrier’s network that offers services to users.

A phone with the error MIP 67 cannot surf the Internet with mobile data, share hotspots, or whatnot. But can still rely on WiFi to get onto the web. The error usually appears incessantly after switching on mobile data and disappears when switched off. In some cases, the MIP 67 error pop-up would occur when using a range of services related to the carrier network on the Android phone.

Typically, a MIP67 error occurs due to a failed recording. But it can also pop when you use an old SIM card on your new phone. If your old SIM card has been inactive for a long time or services have been abandoned, it could be the main cause of the MIP 67 error. In addition, this error has to do with the device itself, it is a problem with the network connection.

How to Get Rid of MIP 67 Error

The MIP 67 error is annoying because it keeps appearing constantly and embarrasses the user. Well, we can do something about the MiP 67 error. One of the easiest ways is to disable mobile data, relying on Wi-Fi for Internet connections. Because this is an easy and hassle-free solution. So here are ways to get rid of the MIP 67 error on Android.

1. Change Network Mode to LTE

This MIP 67 error occurs mostly on CDMA (3G) devices because they must pass cellular account information to AirCard for supply. Improper improvisation when AirCard doesn’t connect to the grid, MIP 67 error. Changing the mobile network mode from CDMA or GSM to LTE should solve this issue. To change network mode:

Change Network Mode to LTE
  1. Unlock your phone screen and go to settings.
  2. Click on Connections.
  3. Click on Mobile networks.
  4. Then click on Network mode.
  5. Now, from the list, select LTE only.
  6. Done.

The network position in your Android system will be changed to LTE when doing this. Thus, You’re no longer on the CDMA (3G) network. But if services on your SIM are active, the error will go away after changing the network mode.

2. Restart Your Android Phone

This is a very common technique that eliminates many errors and omissions in robots. If this is true for you, Recently there has been a MIP 67 error occurring in your Android phone. Resetting the operating system will remove it immediately. Phone restart services are for helping with phone operations and restarts.

In addition, Reboot resolves network connection problems and is famous for slow internet repair. It lowers the power of your network among other things. To restart an Android phone you just press its on button with a hand then hit Restart when it asks what to do next.

3. Reset APN Settings to Default

If the APN setting is wrong, you might get a MIP 67 on your Android. This error may also be due to an incomplete APN or a missing setting for the APN. We can fix the problem with network connectivity through a simple APN reset. The MIP 67 error on Android may also be solved if we do this. To reset APN settings to default:

APN Setting

  1. Open the settings on your phone.Click on connections>Mobile networks.Next, click on Access Point Names (APN).Click on the Reset option.Done.

Doing this will restore the APN setting to its default on your Android phone. Now you can turn on the data for your mobile phone and see if an MIP 67 error appears. If the problem continues, you can attempt this remedy.

4. Update Preferred Roaming List

Another important reason why your phone may receive a network connection (MIP 67) error could be an old favorite roaming list (BRL). An expired PRL can disrupt network services ranging from connectivity itself to internet access and so on. Therefore, the software running outside your home network area will run and there’ll be problems with some of the services that aren’t provided. To update the preferred roaming list:

  1. Open the settings of your phone.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom.
  3. Select the Software update option.
  4. Click on options, and select update PRL.
  5. Click on OK to confirm.
  6. Wait for it to get updated.
  7. That’s it.

Alternatively, you can also dial *228 using the dialer and choose the 2 to update PRL.

After getting the PRL update success message, immediately restart your phone to apply the changes. Now, try again by activating mobile data and contacting someone. In most cases, it resolved MIP 67’s fault for those outside the home network area.

5. Change Mobile Station ID (MSID)

In short, MSID is a unique identification number that every mobile phone receives. But if you already have or even some external factors (for example, root-related apps) have changed for you – no wonder why MIP 67 is now. The result is that your provider is unable to identify you because MSID has been changed. This is why network services are not available.

Therefore, however, it is possible to restore the original cushioning of your phone and correct the MIP-67. Secondly, you need to contact your phone company to support people’s customers for the original MSID. Their free number and forum location are listed below. You can sign up to the forum to contact the moderators directly. Once you have it, just follow the steps below.

  1. On dialer, dial ##847446#.
  2. A window will pop up, click on Edit.
  3. Enter the original MSID provided by officials, and click OK.
  4. Your device will automatically reboot.
  5. Done.

You have successfully replaced MASED from your phone and now all network services must be approved by the service provider. In other words, MIP 67 is no longer a pop-up error.


Users with MIP 67 errors sometimes do not understand why they occur and doubts also arise. This section is specific to them. We select all the frequently asked questions and try to answer them.

What is MIP 67?

MIP 67 is the name of a bug that appears when AirCard does not connect you to the network due to inaccurate delivery. It is usually triggered when someone tries to access the Internet using mobile data.

What is the meaning of MIP 67?

MIP 67 means that failure authentication has resulted in easy access to the Internet with mobile data and shared location. Devices cannot use the Internet with mobile data, but they can use the Internet with WiFi.

How to remove the MIP 67 error?

There are several ways to eliminate MIP 67 errors. Depending on the reason, you must follow a certain solution. The simplest and simplest method is to turn off mobile data and rely on WiFi for the Internet. Here are the methods to eliminate the MIP 67 error:
Change network mode to LTE.
Restart your device.
Reset APN settings.
Prl Updates.
Change MSID.
One of them will fix the MIP 67 error in your case. Try everything at once, everything is a safe process.


MIP 67 errors are not common and can happen to anyone. This is a priority to fix it because it is very annoying with frequent on-screen displays. In general, it seems like when we run mobile data it immediately disappears when we turn off mobile data. This is due to an authentication error that is not controlled by the user. It happens widely with CDMA devices and we can take steps to eliminate it.

We have developed several validation methods and they work well. Depending on the case of the most relevant cause, follow the specific solution given above. A simpler way that doesn’t require the brain to fix network connection errors is to use WiFi instead of cellular data. So anyway. Hope you find this article helpful and have what you are looking for. If there is still something you want to know about this topic, include it in the comments below.

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