YoWhatsApp Download v9.93 Latest for Android 2024

YoWhatsApp Download 2024:It is a highly custom version of WhatsApp that has a lot of extra features. It works remarkably well and is better in many aspects, such as the UI and UX. Another similarity between social apps today is that they do not offer full privacy management. However, Yoatsapp offers almost all the features you need to enhance your privacy.

Plus, YoWhatsApp gives everyone’s favorite flexibility and customization possibilities, unlike inventory WhatsApp. You will have all the tools to assemble your perfect look, including a chat screen and theme decor. To help you get started, we’ve included projection guidelines and a YouWhatsApp download link in this post. Do you feel excited now? Now let’s get started.

What is YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp was first developed by Yousaf Al Basha. YoWhatsApp is shortened to YOWA, which symbolizes the original creator. WhatsApp Messenger has steadily evolved into a more sophisticated version since launching a few years ago. We appreciate the developers who created these.

Yoatsapp currently has tons of additional features that give its users an advantage over WhatsApp. Several privacy options are included, including the ability to hide the status of the show, freeze last seen, stop erasing messages, stop removing status updates, and much more. Additionally, it helps users evade WhatsApp restrictions, such as those related to sharing high-quality images, uploading long movies, and forwarding messages to multiple recipients.

YoWhatsApp Download Latest v9.93 for Android Updated 2024

YoWhatsApp Download v9 2

YoWhatsApp Mod is popular in WhatsApp given its many privacy features, extensive customization options, outstanding performance, and more. Right now, YoWhatsApp is primarily developed by Fawad MODS. But HeyMods has just halted the development of YoWhatsApp for personal reasons. Anyway, Yowhatsapp, created by Fouad Mods, is much more optimized, secure, and ad-free.

So we’ll be offering the direct download link for YoWhatsApp v9.93 here, letting you download YoWhatsApp with just one click. Let’s discuss some application details first.

File Details

Size76 MB
DeveloperFouad MODS
Package Namecom.yowhatsapp
Android Requires5.1 or above
Updated on16 Jan 2024

Note: Uninstall old YoWhatsApp and install new YoWhatsApp v9.93 for the anti-ban to work.

How to Download YoWhatsApp Latest v9.93 on Android

YoWhatsApp can only be downloaded from third-party websites, as it cannot be found on the Play Store. These days, there’s a chance that downloading any random app from the internet could go wrong. For example, Play Protect, an official security app scanner, may prohibit it. So, we strongly advise turning it off for the time being. YoWhatsApp v9.93 for Android may be safely downloaded with these simple steps.

First Step: Click the profile symbol to open the Play Store and navigate to the Play Protect menu. Next, select the gear icon and disable the “Scan apps with Play Protect” feature.

Step 2: Copy the above link and paste it into a new tab to access YoWhatsApp’s download page.

Step 3: At this point, select the YoWhatsApp

4th Step: Once your browser requests that you accept the download, make sure you verify it in the first place using the file details above.

5th Step: Wait until the downloading is finished. That’s it.

Thus, that’s how you can securely download YoWhatsApp on your Android device. Make sure your other security apps and features don’t conflict with the download if you use them in addition to Play Protect. Allow us to assist you with the installation process now.

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How to Install YoWhatsApp and Copy WhatsApp Chat Data

YoWhatsApp has the advantage of allowing you to import all WhatsApp chat data with just one click. These methods are especially for you if you want to switch to Yoatsap without losing your chat history.

1st Step: Firstly, enable unknown sources and don’t uninstall stock WhatsApp yet; we will need it later in the process.

2nd Step: Go to File Manager > Downloads, and then tap on the downloaded YoWhatsApp APK to open it in the installer.

3rd Step: Hit the install button and wait till it finishes installing.

4th Step: After installation is complete, press Done to exit the window.

5th Step: Now, open the app drawer and launch YoWhatsApp.

6th Step: Click on Agree and continue.

7th Step: Click on Copy WhatsApp Data, then verify your phone number.

8th Step: Fill in your profile details, such as name, profile photo, etc.

9th Step: You’re done.

You can now remove the stock version of WhatsApp as well, as we have already duplicated the conversation data and no longer require it. After completing the profile and activation data, you should be able to see all the chats in Yoatsap. Allow us to provide the latest updates on YoWhatsApp.

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YoWhatsApp v9.93 Changelog

All the latest changes that YoWhatsApp has gone through are mentioned below. It represents the new YoWhatsApp v9.93 changelog.

Released Date: 25 November 2023
Base Update: (Updated)
Again, Option to show the night/light icon on Home [Added]
Hide View Status on some phones [Fixed]
Rounded entry recording audio [Fixed]
Swipe row features not working [Fixed]
Space when scrolling some UI [Fixed]
Search in calls [Fixed]
Bubble Bottom Bar random crash [Fixed]
Anti-View Once issues [Fixed]
Storage issue in Android 14 [Fixed]
Backup/Restore issues in Android 13+ [Fixed]
Crash on some phones [Fixed]
Android 14+ Theme download issue [Fixed]
Android 14+ Backup/Restore issue [Fixed]
Crash on older devices [Fixed]
iOS14 Entry Style [Fixed]
(Note: While Ghost Mode is active, your actions will be invisible to everyone. Your last seen is frozen, other people will think you didn’t receive the messages, opened messages will not turn blue, and you can view statuses secretly.
Ghost Mode now takes priority over custom privacy [Change]
Ghost Mode [Added]
Multiple Accounts on the same devices [Enabled]
Custom Media Download control of each chat [Added]
WhatsApp Old UI style (FMMods>Home>Header>Home UI Style) [Added]
See Message Edit History (after installing v9.90) [Added]
Option to show or hide ghost mode icon [Added]
Antiban improvements [Added]
Some text not showing on the white theme during calls [Fixed]
Adjust Group Permissions [Enabled]
New Settings UI [Enabled]
Create profile, @username, and wait for server activation [Enabled]
Add an email address to your account (Settings>Account) [Enabled]
Option to approve new group members before joining [Enabled]
Media Preview feature [Enabled]
Return original tabs order [Enabled]
Light/Night mode option to FMMods>FMThemes [Moved]
Custom Privacy for Business Chats [Fixed]
The date bubble is not showing clearly when scrolling.
Screen share button color in calls [Fixed]
Some text not showing on white theme during calls [Fixed]
General bug fixes [Misc]
Enjoy and discover for yourself! [Misc]
Other fixes and improvements [Fixed]

On November 25, 2023, YoWhatsApp v9.93 was published; it mostly includes bug repairs, performance enhancements, and new features. For the best experience, it is also advised to always use the most recent version.

YoWhatsApp Features

YoWhatsApp Feature
YoWhatsApp Features

Compared to the stock WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp has a lot more functionality. You’ll like using its many intriguing features. However, using them correctly will be challenging because you might not be familiar with all of them. Thus, we’ll be going over all of its amazing features and what you can do with them here.

Privacy and Security

  • Freeze last watch This is one of the advanced privacy features related to your online situation. With this feature, you can freeze your last online status. Once activated, all WhatsApp contacts will see your last view before the feature is enabled. No one will be able to see you online, even if you do. They’ll only see him the last time he looks frozen. Make sure YouWatsApp is restarted after enabling or disabling the feature to apply the change.
  • Anti-View Recently, WhatsApp introduced the View Once feature, which allows viewing only once-sent media. Once this feature is destroyed, it allows you to see the display of a message or media indefinitely. You can enable it from FMMoods > Privacy and Security > Anti-View Once.
  • By default, when we disable forwarding, when we share or forward a message to another contact, it is marked as “forced,” indicating that the message is not genuine and was shared by others. It’s not you who’s back. By activating Disable Redirect, you can remove the tag “Forwarded.”.
  • Hide View Status This is the most useful privacy feature in YoWhatsApp because it lets you view your contact status updates without telling them that you have seen them. Most people turn to WhatsApp mods just to use this great feature. You just have to switch to activate the feature.
  • Anti-delete status is another useful and well-known privacy feature that YuWatsApp users love. Sometimes, people on WhatsApp delete their status after adding it, for whatever reason. If this feature is enabled, no one in your contacts will be able to remove their additional status for you. Of course, it will be deleted by WhatsApp after 24 hours, but not immediately after deleting your contact.
  • Anti-delete messages are similar to the above feature, allowing anti-delete messages to allow you to read deleted messages. Even if your contact has deleted the message for everyone before reading it, these messages will still be available for you to read. It’s a nice privacy feature.
  • Show Blue Tick After Reply As the name of the feature says, by enabling this, you can view messages without telling your contacts that you have seen them. In WhatsApp, the blue tick is an indication that the message sent or the media has been viewed by the recipient. The tick will remain gray unless you respond to the message.
  • WhatsApp Lok This is a security feature in Yoatsap that allows you to lock the screen of the application. That is, before you open WhatsApp, it will ask for a security code or pattern specified by you. This is a useful feature, especially if you have private chats and things like that. You can also fully adjust the lock to the recovery question, change the background of the lock window, make the pattern invisible, disable vibration pattern, etc.

So, these are the helpful privacy and security features available in YoWhatsApp. Now, let us show you other important features.


  • Download YoThemes: YoThemes Online is an official theme library of YoWhatsApp, from which you can download unlimited themes as per your liking and choice. As of today, there are a total of 4032 themes available to install. All of them provide a unique design and look. And before installing them, you can even get a glance at them.
  • Load theme: This is a feature under FMThemes that allows offline installation of themes for YoWhatsApp. If you wish to install your downloaded theme on an SD card, you can use this feature.
  • Save FMTheme: This is an in-built theme feature that allows you to save your current settings and design of the theme that you are using. Your theme settings will be saved to /WhatsApp/YoMods.
  • Restore FMTheme: As the name says, using this feature, you can load FMTheme stored in /WhatsApp/YoMods. The above feature allows for saving themes, and this feature allows for restoring them.
  • Reset Preferences: If you have messed up with themes and their settings, you can simply use this tool to reset to the default theme and its settings.
  • Delete all saved or installed themes. In case you want to clear all saved or installed themes to free up storage space, you can use this tool.

So, these are the features available for themes and decorations. You can put them to use as per your choice and requirements. Let us show you some general helpful features.


  • Colors: This is a color management tool that allows changing colors of the whole UI, including the ActionBar Text Color, Background, Status Bar, Navigation Bar, etc.
  • Styles (look and feel): Under this setting, you can change the Emoji variant, i.e., Old WhatsApp (iOS), One, Facebook, Android O, and System Emoji (Experimental). Also, you can change font style, launcher icon, notification icon, etc.
  • Hide Media from Gallery: As the name says, under this setting, you can individually choose to hide media file types, i.e. photos, videos, GIFs, etc.
  • Backup and restore: YoWhatsApp has a backup and restore tool similar to Titanium Backup. With one click, you can create a backup of WhatsApp data, and with another click, you can restore the backup (the most recent one).
  • Universal Settings: With this, you can even take WhatsApp capabilities further, i.e., increase the forward limit, disable audio playing notifications, disable badge counter, disable heads-up notifications, enable always online, clear WhatsApp logs, disable the image share limit, and send images in full resolution.

So, these are the universal customization settings. To specifically customize the Home Screen and Conversation Screen, there are separate settings. Let us explain them as well.

Home Screen

  • Header: Under this, you can customize the YoWhatsApp header as per your choice. You can change the Home UI style and Stories style, Enable Instagram-like stories, Set Your Name, Show light/night mode, show airplane mode, etc.
  • Rows: With this, you can customize the chat row’s appearance and gestures. I.e., there is a Swipe Row that allows you to swipe any conversation row left or right to perform quick actions. Also, you can customize the Main/Calls/Contacts screen text size. Moreover, there is an option to disable the online dot color.
  • Floating Action Button: As the name says, under this option, you can manage the appearance and customize the Floating Action Button as per your requirements. You can also hide FAB in case you don’t need it.
  • Status: Don’t like how the status tab looks by default? You can customize it to your liking within this option. You can customize the recent updates bar, recent updates text, contact name, status seen, and other options.
  • MODS: There is an additional MODS tab in which you can customize the appearance of Photo Corners, Viewed Story Toast for immediate status notifications, hide chat dividers, disable contact online toast, and more.

Conversation Screen

Similar to the home screen, you can also customize conversation screen elements.

  • Action Bar: You can change the action bar color, hide the contact profile picture, hide the contact name, hide the call button, disable contact status, change the color appearance, and more.
  • Bubble and Ticks: Under this, you can customize Blue Ticks Style, Bubbles Style, Message Text Size, change the element’s color, and make text selectable.
  • Pics: You can show the chat contact profile pic on every message, show your pic on every chat message, and show the group participant pic on every message. Also, you can show your picture in every group message. Moreover, you can also set chat picture size, picture placement, etc.
  • Conversation Entry Style: Using this, you can change the style of the bottom entry in the conversation screen, change the conversation UI entry background, change the emoji button color, change the send button color, and more options are available.
  • MODS: Under MODS, there are additional options such as Translate Option Settings, the manage window of “Confirm before sending a sticker,” setting custom wallpaper per user, and more.

So, these are the last settings that you will see in YoWhatsApp. We have tried to explain all the advanced options in simple terms. Now, you know about every single feature and what it can do for you. By practically using them, you’ll learn more about the available features.


Here, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about YoWhatsApp.

Is YoWhatsApp safe?

Yes One of the reliable WhatsApp modifications available these days is YoWhatsApp. It has steadily evolved into a more capable version of WhatsApp with a ton of awesome features since its original debut many years ago. The development team has undergone modifications over those years. It is currently being developed by the reliable developer Fouad Mods.

YoWhatsApp is often updated with new base versions, features, additions, bug patches, and other updates. Like stock WhatsApp, all the data is encrypted. That explains why there haven’t been any reports of data leaks from Fouad Mods’ WhatsApp modifications. Overall, YoWhatsApp v9.93 by Fouad is regarded as secure.

How do I update YoWhatsApp?

Updating YoWhatsApp is more difficult than it should be. YoWhatsApp cannot simply be updated by opening the Play Store whenever a new version becomes available. On the other hand, we can update it manually. We receive in-app notifications whenever YoWhatsApp releases a new version, so we can update. However, because the in-app update mechanism is broken, we are unable to update directly from there.

We must manually upgrade YoWhatsApp by downloading the most recent version from unaffiliated websites like Rogtechs. The new version must then be installed on top of the previous version. In this manner, the updated YoWhatsApp package replaces the outdated one. update YoWhatsApp to the most recent version while keeping your WhatsApp conversations and media intact.

Can’t Find Backup in SD Card YoWhatsApp?

Users often get notified with the message “Can’t find a backup in sdcard” on YoWhatsApp. Well, there can be multiple reasons behind this that we have listed below.

  • Storage permission is not allowed for YoWhatsApp.
  • A backup has never been taken before.
  • The backup stored on the SD card might have been removed or is not working.
  • The backup folder path has been changed, causing YoWhatsApp to be unable to locate the backup.

In YoWhatsApp, there is only an offline mode to backup; you cannot backup chats and media to GDrive like in stock WhatsApp. The built-in Titanium Backup tool helps create a complete backup to an SD card or internal storage. The “can’t find a backup in SD card YoWhatsApp” problem can be fixed when you follow the workaround for the points we explained above.

How do I show hidden chats in YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp comes with a Hide Chat feature that helps easily pass-protect chats and hide them. Well, you can access the hidden chats in YoWhatsApp by clicking on the logo from the home screen. After clicking on it, you’ll be asked to enter the passcode. After correctly entering the pass, you’ll be able to access all your hidden chats in YoWhatsApp.

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One of the most popular and regularly updated WhatsApp mods is YoWhatsApp, which has nearly all of the sophisticated features seen in other modified versions of the messaging app. However, YoWhatsApp continues to be preferred by users over other WhatsApp MODs, and it has a large following. Fouad MODS is currently in charge of carrying on YoWhatsApp’s development, and they are largely doing a good job at it.

It adds a great deal of value for the average user and gives them and no one else complete control over their privacy. You have complete control over which privacy settings to enable or disable. In contrast to other WhatsApp Mod developers, YoWhatsApp will regularly release updates with improved functionality, a cleaner user interface, faster performance, and bug fixes.

So, that’s it. Hopefully, you’ve found this YoWhatsApp article helpful and got what you were looking for. If there is still anything you want to know about YoWhatsApp, you can drop it in the comments below.

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